Ultimate Asphalt and Concrete


Ultimate Asphalt and Concrete specializes in new concrete construction as well as the removal and replacement of existing concrete. We use high-strength concrete for all projects, whether it’s pouring a section of sidewalk or a new residential driveway or a dumpster pad. In addition, we can adjust curing times, which is critical for projects such as bus stops, which must be opened to traffic as quickly as possible.

We approach our projects with extreme attention to detail and efficiency to provide you with excellent, long-lasting concrete construction. With UAC, you get the highest quality concrete delivered with reliable, outstanding service.

UAC offers new concrete installation for projects including curbs and gutters, sidewalks, city street panel replacement, and residential driveways. We can adjust curing times to ensure urgent projects, such as high-use sidewalks or bus stops, can be reopened to traffic as soon as possible.

Our expert team comes with over 30 years experience. We’ll assess your needs and help you determine the right solution for your concrete project. With UAC, your project will be delivered on time, on budget, and with the highest degree of integrity.

With UAC, concrete paving services, you get long-lasting concrete with considerable compressive strength. You also get a team committed to unsurpassed quality and professionalism. We show up and deliver on time and on budget—every time.

Because concrete can support heavy loads, it’s typically used in areas such as dumpster pads or loading areas. It’s also used for drainage areas because it doesn’t absorb water and lasts longer than other construction materials. We can help you decide the best material and approach for any area you’re considering.

UAC provides remove & replace services for curbs and gutters, sidewalks, drainage pans, city street panel replacement, auto stops, and residential driveways. Our professional team of experts have earned the respect of our customers by reliably meeting project timelines and delivering quality and service.

Like asphalt, concrete can degrade due to freeze-thaw cycles, excessive loading, sub-grade failure, and design errors. Concrete is also susceptible to shrinkage. No matter the challenge, our knowledgeable team can recommend the best approach for your project.