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We recommend that you sealcoat 1 year after the installation of any new asphalt and then every 3 to 5 years after that. There are many things that effect how you sealcoat wears so if you are unsure, give us a call, it’s better to call too early than too late.

We use an asphalt based emulsion vs. a coal tar. Both products contain water, but the exact amount changes depending on the company applying it. We use 5-10% water, exactly what our manufacturer recommends, compared to coal tar sealers that can contain up to 40% water.

We add 4 pounds of sand per gallon, exactly what our manufacturer recommends, by doing this we increase the thickness (dry volume of the sealer). If anything less than 3 pounds of sand is added, you can end up with a slippery surface that will fade very quickly. If anything more than 5 pounds of sand is added, the sealcoat will roll and not cover your asphalt properly.

NEVER! Cold patch is meant for a very temporary fix and normally does not last longer than a month or two. We use hot asphalt directly from the asphalt plant on all our asphalt patches.

Absolutely. Our team of experienced professionals can redesign your parking lot to meet the city or county specifications you need.

Traffic paint is generally used in most parking lots and some residential roadways. It is a great way to help enhance your parking lot’s look for a low cost.

Thermoplastic is required on most city roads, county roads, state roads, as well as some parking lots in the Southwest Florida area. Thermoplastic is great in high traffic areas or where your painted traffic markings just don’t last as long as expected.

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